Need color inspiration? I don't use these for print work but for the web they're brilliant.

Jessica Hische is Awesome 

She is. When I die and get reincarnated, I want to be her.


Page Turner

The New Yorker's book blog

Under Consideration

A round-up of the best of the design blogs.

Swiss Miss

Caustic Cover Critic


The Casual Optimist

I don't read a lot of blogs, but when I do these are usually pretty interesting...


Recycled Paper Printing

Call Todd. He'll take care of you. 


Need a letterpress printer? Digital? Good old-fashioned offset? This is a great site for finding those small but amazing printers that fly under the radar.

Newspaper Club

Wanna print your own newspaper?


Helen Martineau

Everybody needs an editor—even editors need editors. Helen will help you say exactly what you need to say and fix all those grammatical errors you didn’t even know were there.

Janica Smith

Smart self-publishers call Janica. She can help you navigate the complex world of online distribution.

Brady Type

Highly recommended for eBook conversion. They do it all.


I know most people use some form of Wordpress for their websites and for good reason. But if you want a beautiful site without having to know how to code, check out Squarespace.