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When I want to learn something new—delve deep into an artist’s work, knit a sweater, or plan a garden—I reach for a book. 

I suspect that I'm not alone in this passion for the printed page. If you’re in the business of building books then we share this love of the permanent record. I believe the experience of the printed work, the flipping through and returning to, is so often more potent than the click and the download. Which is not to say I don't appreciate the ease of the eBook. I do. I travel with my e-reader just like everyone else. But eBooks don't replace ink on paper. They augment it.

I made my first book from a pad of newsprint and crayons. In art school, I made a book out of a loaf of Wonder Bread™. I've worked on-staff as a designer at Shambhala Publications and as an art director at Random House. And through it all, the one constant has been words and image, ink on paper.

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